Ensuring your customers find you . . .

It's well known that the number one customer acquisition tool for traditional retailers is drive-by, that is, customers find you by driving by your location. But what happens if they're on the internet and want to find you? One way is to provide a map, with the goal of driving traffic to your retail location. This is very common as well and today I learned the power of the Google Map API. Without some intermediate level of programming expertise, you'll want to outsource this function. Today I was in a team meeting speaking to such a programmer who opened my eyes to the power of Google Maps. What a great tool for retailers! To make it even easier to "find a location near you" we talked about a way the interface can automatically display the closest locations based on the users originating IP address. Wow! So now when asked "how did you find us?" the answer more and more will be "I was just surfing by!"

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