My Water Filter Quest Quenched

I have one of those Brita water pitchers in my fridge that requires a filter change at a recommended 2 month interval. I really like the fresh-tasting water and having it readily available encourages me to drink more. But, I tend to procrastinate when I have extinguished my supply of water filters, so the last filter has been stretched to last about 6 months (with no ill effects - that I know of).

Why do I procrastinate? Those water filters are expensive! Think of replacement ink jet cartridge expensive - you've purchased an inexpensive appliance but in order to continue to use it you are required to purchase costly consumables. So, you're stuck.

Alas, in the same vein as my earlier post about finding a great deal on a magazine subscription, I found a great price on replacement filters by doing some research on the web. I found an eBay store and clicked on "buy it now" to save more than 50% off the retail price I was finding at popular discount big-box stores. The purchase arrived quickly and safely, and the filters are great. Cheers!


Coughing, Sneezing, Runny Nose - you know the drill

Uggg! I have been just miserable with this cold the past few days. I think it's just a run of the mill common cold, I don't have a fever and aches associated with the flu. Wow, my nose runs and runs and I sneeze and there it goes again. I was able to venture out late today and purchase some Alka-Seltzer Plus, but that does not seem to do anything, just like the Sudafed and Zicam I've been taking.

Am I unique? No over the counter drug shortens or relieves my symptoms when I get a cold. Normally it starts in my throat and stays in my head and upper lungs for 3 days, accompanied by the misery of constantly stuffed head and running nose. My voice sounds terrible and I can't sleep. I did have the sense to stay home from work today and keep my misery to myself.


More photos from Seattle vacation

I'm back at work but reminiscing about my recent trip to Seattle. Here are a few photos that make it worth remembering:

From 2008-Seattle-Visit


Visiting with Danielle's girls

Stopping by to post a couple photos, spending time with Danielle and her family. Not much alone time with the computer with a 4 and 3 year old in the house!


Emerald City - Seattle WA here I come - to relax.

I'm ready to relax. I've let my stress get the better of me for too long now and I deserve a break! I just have to get on a plane tomorrow and arrive at my sister's to be welcomed by her two wonderful little girls. (They've learned to expect me this time of year since this is my third year in a row visiting the first week of December.)

The best part about getting away from home (for me) is to get out of a routine. No two hours in front of the computer every morning before work, followed by nine hours (or so) in front of a computer at work. I'm looking forward to reading a book or two, going for walks, spending time with my sister and her girls, engaging in good conversation with her husband Phil, exploring parts of Seattle I have not seen lately, taking afternoon naps and generally enjoying the place and the people.

I'm taking a deep breath . . . now.


Experimenting with YouTube - Cape Cod Photos

Just to see how easy it is, I posted a video to YouTube that was made from some photos I took while I was on a work trip a few years back. It didn't use to be this easy. Really.

Oh, I did have the music 38 Special "Caught Up In You" as the background music, but upon uploading, YouTube politely (umm - no) let me know that was copyrighted material and suggested the tune that now backs the video.

November Ends With First Snowfall

A beautiful snowfall this morning ensured November would be known for something more than Thanksgiving this year. More pics at the link under the photo.

From November Snowfall