Chipmunk invited to lunch

I'm lucky enough to have an office with a large window out of which distractions often prevent me from focusing on my work. Like Cedar Waxwings feasting on service berries, Canada Geese wandering the parking lot and small families of chipmunks darting in and out of the under brush, one look outside can provide a day's worth of entertainment. ("Focus!" I keep demanding of myself.) Today's entertainment turned very quickly into a horror movie I won't soon forget.

A Cooper's Hawk had seen enough of the playful chipmunks and I assume since it was about time for lunch anyway, decided to invite one of them over for a meal. It was not a pretty sight, that hawk up in the tree feasting on it's prey. I understand this happens every day but come on, right outside my window? Do me a favor and keep this graphic behavior where it belongs, on TV. ;-)

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