My Water Filter Quest Quenched

I have one of those Brita water pitchers in my fridge that requires a filter change at a recommended 2 month interval. I really like the fresh-tasting water and having it readily available encourages me to drink more. But, I tend to procrastinate when I have extinguished my supply of water filters, so the last filter has been stretched to last about 6 months (with no ill effects - that I know of).

Why do I procrastinate? Those water filters are expensive! Think of replacement ink jet cartridge expensive - you've purchased an inexpensive appliance but in order to continue to use it you are required to purchase costly consumables. So, you're stuck.

Alas, in the same vein as my earlier post about finding a great deal on a magazine subscription, I found a great price on replacement filters by doing some research on the web. I found an eBay store and clicked on "buy it now" to save more than 50% off the retail price I was finding at popular discount big-box stores. The purchase arrived quickly and safely, and the filters are great. Cheers!

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  1. The filters have a little do-dad on the top that is supposed to turn as it is used, finally reaching a point where it is supposedly no longer effective. I've never had a filter reach that point, and change the filter only once a year, because like you I feel like I "should". Maybe water softeners take care of all the bad stuff? Maybe so, but Brita still can't hold a candle to water from an underground spring, filter or not!