Emerald City - Seattle WA here I come - to relax.

I'm ready to relax. I've let my stress get the better of me for too long now and I deserve a break! I just have to get on a plane tomorrow and arrive at my sister's to be welcomed by her two wonderful little girls. (They've learned to expect me this time of year since this is my third year in a row visiting the first week of December.)

The best part about getting away from home (for me) is to get out of a routine. No two hours in front of the computer every morning before work, followed by nine hours (or so) in front of a computer at work. I'm looking forward to reading a book or two, going for walks, spending time with my sister and her girls, engaging in good conversation with her husband Phil, exploring parts of Seattle I have not seen lately, taking afternoon naps and generally enjoying the place and the people.

I'm taking a deep breath . . . now.

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