This topic now on hiatus; new adventure begins.

So I enjoy the idea of blogging so much I have now turned my profession towards helping corporations use blogs to most effectively communicate with their customers. I'll still be blogging, though it'll be a Compendium blog, and hopefully at some point I'll dedicate this space to another topic. I'm very happy to be starting this new adventure, wish me luck! Cheers.


  1. Marty,

    Sorry we didn't get to wish you the best before you left the FSC. But I know where to find you: in the blogosphere.

    Best wishes to you in your new endeavor and thanks from both Lois and I for your help over the past 4 years.


  2. Thank you Nancy - I'll keep up with you in the same way. Keep promoting blogging at the higher level, should be an exciting time. Take care!

  3. best of luck in your new endeavor, birdman. I'll be watching and picking up a few pointers along the way. btw, where is the new magnuson website or blog?