Birdwalks - Don't go into the woods unarmed

Sure, a walk in the woods armed with your binoculars and field guide is standard equipment and is plenty rewarding when you spot a bird or two to add to your life list. What's that you hear? It's a bird chirping, singing a happy song, one that you're not familiar with. You focus your optics in the direction of this wonderful melody. What's that bird? You simply cannot spot it so you continue on. Then there it is again - another bird call you're certain you should know - but you're not armed with on of the latest gadgets to help you identify birds by their song. Available for your iPod, check out birdJam, "A Revolution in Bird Song Identification" or Thayer Birding Software, which includes a feature to export bird songs to your iPod. These tools give you an edge by enabling you to associate birds with their specific call.

I was first exposed to this technology on a recent birdwalk, when the birding expert who was leading us prepared the group by playing several bird songs from his iPod nano slipped into a portable speaker. He knew we were more likely to hear some spring migrants well before we could spot them, and he was right. These bird call identification tools enable even the casual birder to hone their expertise and become more accomplished at identifying birds by sound. So don't go into the woods again without making sure you're properly armed!

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  1. DUDE! awesome~ i love watching the birds on my property!!!


    very cool marty! my favorite is the territorial cat bird~ hawk is majestic and grand! i even have a special place for the turkey buzzard! that is one big ass bird! hee hee :D

    i love blue jays because they will kick your tail!!! sparrows are awesome too~ very spiritual~

    cool blog about the ipod and the software~ very cool~

    sheryl }{